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Robin Archives Volume 1
Written by Bill Finger and others; Art by Jim Mooney, Curt Swan, Dick Sprang, Jack Burnley, Charles
Paris, Jim Mooney, John Giunta, John Fischetti and Win Mortimer; Cover by Win Mortimer
Don't miss the first archive edition focusing on the early adventures of Robin, collecting stories from
STAR-SPANGLED COMICS #65-85 (1947-1948)!
Presented here are 21 exciting Golden Age solo adventures of The Boy Wonder featuring the talents
of Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Curt Swan, Dick Sprang, Jim Mooney, Win Mortimer and more of comics'
finest writers and artists! 256 PGS.

Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $39.99 (You Save $10.00)
Robin Archives Volume 2
Written by Various; Art by Jim Mooney, Win Mortimer and Sheldon Moldoff; Cover by Jim Mooney and
Win Mortimer
This new ROBIN ARCHIVES collects stories from the late 1940s in which The Boy Wonder faces the
Sinister Knight, declares war on Batman, travels to Rancho Fear, battles crime in Hollywood, and
meets the fearsome man with the Midas touch. Features tales from STAR SPANGLED COMICS
#86-105. 256 PGS.

Retail Price: $59.99
Our Price: $44.99 (You Save $15.00 Plus FREE Shipping!)